Tapers, which started in 2018 to make sportstape specifically for climbers, is constantly developing products to meet the needs of various climbers. Come and see the PLAY line ROCKY38 and CRIMP13, for enjoyable dai,ly climbing, and the PERFORMANCE line, DYNO12, for a higher level of climbing.


ROCKY38 and CRIMP13, the first tapes introduced by Tapers specifically for climbers, are great partners for everyday enjoyable climbing.

∨ Good to use for daily climbing.

∨ Suitable thickness for protecting the skin.

∨ The porous surface of the tape releases sweat and maintains its initial comfort even when worn for a long time.

∨ The latex-free adhesive reduces skin irritation and leaves no residue on the hands after use.

∨ The zigzag edge is applied for easy tearing by hand.





In order to meet the needs of professionals who require stronger and more precise performance, we have developed the DYNO12.

∨ Supports much stronger performance

∨ You can feel the hold delicately on the tips of your fingers due to the thin surface of the tape.

∨ With strong adhesion, there will be no slipping during dynamic movements

∨ Flat-Edge has been applied to minimize tape slipping during exercise.

∨ With a comfortable 12mm thickness, you can use it without splitting it with your fingers

∨ Easy to tear by hand.

Black, Pink, Blue, Beige 4 colors


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