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Tapers Pro Sponsorship is a program that regularly supports national and elite climbing athletes with Tapers tape and other products. Anyone who has a national representative qualification or is an elite athlete affiliated with a city or prefectural athletic association can apply. Tapers is waiting for the participation of athletes who want to climb higher with us.


Shin Euncheol

Affiliation : National representative of South Korea (KOR) / Gwangju Metropolitan City and Province Alliance, 

Gwangju Indoor Rock Climbing

Event : Speed Climbing

"Please support Shin EunCheol and speed climbing a lot!" 

KIM Younghyun

Affiliation : Seoul Metropolitan Mountaineering Federation (Alpam Climbing) 

Event : Speed Climbing

"With Tapers, we will showcase the best performance through top-notch training." 

How to Join

Recruitment Guidelines 

Target : National Team Qualified and elite athlete affiliated with 

              a city or prefectural athletic association

Time : Ongoing 

Application Method : Apply through the Sponsorship Application.

Climbing is a sport that allows you to breathe in harmony with nature. We pay our respects to climbing. For professional athletes who effortlessly climb up and down the vertical wall, there is an energy that cannot be expressed in words. As they release their energy like a burst and maintain control with their solid performance, we are greatly inspired. Tapers hopes to be a quiet supporter for the athletes' training. 

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